Monument triples its Kickstarter goal in two days! 29.2.2016

Monument triples its Kickstarter goal in two days!

ITU GATE company Monument Labs announced their Kickstarter for Monument, the first-ever desktop device that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a secure, instantly organized repository for treasured photos and videos. Monument has all the benefits of cloud storage, plus it’s simpler and more secure. The device uses standard USB disk drives to create a “personal cloud” accessible from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, tablet or PC. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $60,000 from backers to put Monument into production and the company has already tripled its goal in two days since the campaign began.

What really sets Monument apart is its advanced AI algorithms that automatically sort content according to time, location, even people. Facial recognition software identifies individuals who can then be browsed and/or recalled whenever desired. Collections can even be searched according to what’s inside. Type in “summer,” “snow,” “Christmas” or “Uncle Bob” and the appropriate photos and videos will be recalled in seconds.

“Our goal in creating Monument was to eliminate every problem associated with organizing, storing and accessing digital memories,” said Ercan Erciyes, CEO and co-founder of Monument Labs, Inc. “People keep telling us that traditional cloud storage has created more concerns than it has solved. Personal photos and videos are hard to upload to the cloud, it’s expensive and tedious—and there’s a real fear about having your memories just ‘somewhere out there’ where they could be hacked or used for other purposes.”

Monument gives users total control over their collections. Photos and videos can be synced wirelessly from a smartphone using Wi-Fi, or by simply inserting the SD card from a camera. To back up a collection just connect an additional USB drive/disk, pair a second Monument device. Backups are encrypted and synced automatically.

Instead of limiting the users with a fixed storage, Monument uses standard USB drives to offer users flexible storage options for different needs. A mobile app for both iOS and Android allows users to upload photos and videos from anywhere, anytime, or view their collections using their smartphone or tablet.

Monument will launch on Kickstarter with an exclusive price of $99.00 and is slated to ship in September 2016.

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