ITU ARI Teknokent

With 6000+ personnel employed at 252 R&D companies, ITU ARI Teknokent carries out over 600 projects a year and has completed , holding over 2500 successful projects to date, including 148 patented projects.

The key objective of  ITU ARI Teknokent is to strengthen Turkey's R&D and innovation capabilities.

Today, R&D and innovation are key factors for global competitiveness, and ITU ARI Teknokent considers the establishment of an “R&D, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture” in society as its fundamental duty. Synergy stemming from technology-oriented knowledge and know-how sharing contributes to high success rate projects at ITU ARI Teknokent, eventually creating jobs for skilled workforce.

In other words, ITU ARI Teknokent aims to position itself as an R&D and innovation hub in Istanbul, to reinforce the national technological infrastructure, and shoulder, develop and correctly drive the synergy resulting from ITU’s academic experience and R&D companies combined.