ITU GATE is the international accelerator of ITU ARI Teknokent. It was started in 2014 to bring best technology start-ups with market-proven products to global markets via the USA.  It aims to increase the technology-based export potential and to contribute creation of international technology brands from Turkey. With offices and mentors in San Francisco, and Chicago, ITU GATE helps Turkish technology-based startups to access the international market, providing them training, mentorship and business networking. 

ITU GATE welcomes technology companies that have a high potential of becoming a global brand, have released products to a market, and have reached $1-5 million in annual sales turnover; however, companies that are beyond this scope may also be considered. Company partners or attendees are required to work full-time for the project/product/company. At least one of the founders is expected to give full attention for the whole process.

It is an 8-month program, including 5 weeks of training and a development program in Turkey, and a 1 month of preparation camp, in USA, 1 month of business development, and 5 months of growth period. All of the companies are required to attend the Turkish round. Companies selected for the USA round are expected to attend the 1-month preparation camp in USA and the 1-month business development program in the USA; the 5-month business development process is also compulsory, yet attendance may be flexible.should attend yet flexible. Details of the ed information on program isare available at http://itugate.com/en/start-ups/acceleration-process

Number of ventures and one-to-one communication

Number of startups in the Turkish and USA rounds of  ITU GATE program cannot exceed a level required for ‘hands-on’ training support and specialty opportunities specific personalized attention to the venture.

Length and competence of program

 The ITU GATE program continues to support your venture in the USA for 5 months after providing relevant trainings and mentorship so that we can ensure your venture implements what was taught and shows the expected development.

Free office space opportunity in the USA

Attendees of the program will be able to use our offices at leading startup centers, 1871 in Chicago and Galvanize in San Francisco, for free during the program. 

http://www.galvanize.com/ http://1871.com/ 


Training period -1 “Market Entrance Planning”

Attendees of the program will receive a comprehensive training from professional facilitators on product-market compatibility, strategy and competitor analysis, business model development, sales process modeling, customer experience design, financial planning, company valuation and investor presentation. 

Qualified mentor and counselor advisor network

 ITU GATE employs several works with a number of qualified counselors advisors and trainers from the USA and Turkey. Our expert trainers provide company-specific mentorship services without missing a subject. List of mentors and trainers are available at http://itugate.com/en/mentors/mentors . 

Broad network

ITU GATE organizes networking events to bring former and current participants alumni and alumni-to-be together. Investors who attend ITU’s USA network and Demo Days, and the network of mentors and trainers are good opportunities for startups.

PR media management

ITU GATE will provide announcements advertisements and supplements oin newspapers and journals, contents to be shared on social media, live streams from USA offices, news and, ads on the ITU GATE blog, and professional photography services.

During the ITU GATE program; attendees will have the following opportunities:
*Attending “Entrance into Market” Training Period - 1
*Special mentorship services by special counselors to companies that meet all of the training subjects
*Attending “Strategy Execution” Training Period - 2
*Networking with ITU GATE alumni
*Attending Demo Day Turkey
*Tickets to the USA flight ticket
*Use of 1871's Chicago office during the program
*Use of Galvanize's San Francisco office during the program
*Administrative counseling: Full-time support from San Francisco and Chicago personnel, mentorship services, company establishment counseling consultancy in the USA and networking
*Operations support: Assistance for operations and day-to-day subjects
*Support of broad ITU network and program alumni in USA
*San Francisco Demo Day: Presentation at Demo Day attended by ~200 people, investors, entrepreneurs and professionals
*PR and Media Management: Announcements Advertisements and supplements on newspapers and journals, contents to be shared on social media, live streams from USA offices, news and, ads on the ITU GATE blog, and professional photography services.

The program will cover (but not be limited to) the following subjects:

“Entrance into Market” Training Period - 1:

  • Product-market compatibility
  • Strategy and competitor analysis
  • Business model development
  • Sales process modeling
  • Customer experience design
  • Financial planning
  • Company valuation
  • Investor presentation

“Strategy Execution” Training Period - 2;

  • Strategic selling and value branding workshops (personal mentorship by trainers)
  • LinkedIn for Business networking (online).

20 companies will be chosen for the selected for Turkish round, but the amount number of attendees may vary depending on the qualifications qualities of applicants. 8 companies will be selected for the USA round.

3 investment agreements have been signed since the beginning of the program (1 agreement is about to be signed); 10 companies actively maintain their operations in the USA. During the last arrangement of the program, 8 companies delivered their presentations to 39 investors, interviewed face-to-face with 310 customers and signed 10 international collaboration agreements. Selected success stories of previous attendees are available at http://itugate.com/en/start-ups/success-stories

Detailed information on pricing is available at http://itugate.com/en/start-ups/apply-for-itu-gate

You can click https://www.f6s.com/itugate2016/apply to apply. If you don't have a current profile, Yyou will be required to click “Create Team” to create your team profile if no existing profiles.

For any issues during If you have any your application, please -related problems, please do not hesitate to contact gulsah.ustelci@ariteknokent.com.tr

Latest date to apply Deadline is December 14, 2016.