ITU ARI Teknokent, provides a FREE office to startups and companies, ensuring access to fastest-growing Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Center in the USA.

ITU ARI Teknokent @Chicago


We provide technology-producing companies and entrepreneurs with a faster entrance into the international market, and help increase exports to contribute to the development of our companies and of Turkey.

We provide free office, and free consultancy and business development services to enable you to establish the right connections in the Chicago area.

We established our ITU ARI Teknokent Chicago office in 1871, one of the best startup centers in Chicago, to provide you with easy access to an active ecosystem where you can establish effective business connections in the US market.

ITU ARI Teknokent


The overseas office of ITU ARI Teknokent, the Chicago 1871, is home to America’s leading hardware, nanotechnology, biotechnology and robotics ventures, in addition to the offices of the incubation centers of Northwestern University, University Chicago, University of Illinois, and Techstars. Established on a 4,700 m2 area, Chicago 1871 was named the #1 Startup Center of the US by UBI Global.


ITU ARI Teknokent @Chicago


  • 01
    WORKING ENVIRONMENT Free use of the ITU ARI Teknokent office as working space or mailing address
  • 02
    POTENTIAL Business potential resulting from access to companies and people within the 1871 ecosystem
  • 03
    CONSULTANCY Business partner guidance for entrance into market, the right training and seminars
  • 04
    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Periodical business development, and prospective customer and investor meetings with ITU ARI Teknokent
  • 05
    EVENT Roundtable meetings, attendance to informative and networking events